Saturday, June 23, 2012

Choochokam painting weekend

I have been invited to join a group of exceptional artists to paint on Whidbey Island for the Choochokam arts festival, come out and join us. Here is a list of the featured times but I will be painting the whole time


SATURDAY morning July 7th

Jim Lamb, 10 am - landscape painting
Simon Kogan - Sculpture (ongoing)
Anne Belov - Printing
David Gray - painting the model (ongoing)

SATURDAY afternoon Painting or Drawing schedule:

Aaron Coberly  1 -2.30 pm -Patricia Duff
Liana Bennett 1 -2.30 pm -Chris Adams   

Henry Stinson 3 -4.30 pm - Paul Schell
Ned Mueller 3 -.4.30 pm - Pam Schell.

SUNDAY Painting or Drawing schedule:

Tenaya Sims 10.30 11.30 - Sue Frause.
Aaron Coberly 10.30 - 11.30- Bob Frause

Ned Mueller  noon - 1pm - Elisabeth George

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