Tuesday, June 3, 2008

3 nudes and a shell

Here are some recent paintings. The first is a shell that was painted in one sitting in my studio. I had a lot of fun playing with all the temperatures of white. I would like to do more of these high key paintings. The next is a painting of a model I found on Modelmayhem named Kyoko she has a bit of a pixie quality. You may recognize Pigeon in the next one I have used her as a model for a couple of years now. She is fun to paint and a solid model. Anna the model in the last painting is also a very good model and one I have been painting for a while. All the paintings are oil on canvas 16in X 20in and completed in about 3 hours.


EL GRANDE said...

Beautiful images! You control of value is enviable.

Joe y Elio

Jaime said...

Beautiful stuff, edges in #2 are perfect

Francis Vallejo said...

that last one is especially great aaron!! and i took a look at model mayhem....cool site, have you had good experiences with it?

Aaron Coberly said...

thanks guys. As for Model Mayhem I would have to say it is pretty spotty. I have had a couple of very good and reliable models but I have also had quite a few bail at the last minute and think nothing of it. There is no worse feeling then sitting at a life drawing session and having 20 or so sets of eyes staring at you wondering where the model is. In the future I probably need to make it more clear that the life drawing session are not photo shoots that you can easily reschedule. If you say that you are going to be there then forgetting to wake up is not a valid excuse. I will keep trying though.

Reilustrando said...

aflora sensibilidade! parabéns

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Farah June said...

make the hollywood actress nude.... hehe

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