Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ned Mueller Workshop

Here are some shots and paintings from Ned Mueller's workshop in Camano Island last weekend. It is the first time that I have taken a workshop and it was very fun, 3 days of all day painting, what could be better. The first couple of shots are Ned getting ready for his demo.

These are from Friday where Ned asked us to spend no more than an hour or so just focusing on shapes and color.

Tide Streams o/c 9in X 12in

Boom Poles o/c 9in X 12in

Backlit Bush o/c 9in X 12in

On Saturday I spend about 2.5 hours on the boat painting and about an hour on the hillside one

High and Dry o/c 9in X 12in

Hillside o/c 11in X 14in

Sunday presented a new challenge. While Friday and Saturday were clear and sunny the weather moved in on Sunday. The first painting was the first time that I have actually painted with oil's in the rain. It started out as a light drizzle but turned into a decent down pour. I was actually mixing colors with raindrops all over my pallet and canvas. It is true what they say oil and water do not mix and an hour or so after I was finished and had the painting inside you would never have known that it was covered in rain drops. For the last one I set up my umbrella against the back door of my van and it kept everything dry

Rainy day in Stanwood o/c 9in X 12in

Trash o/c 9in X 12in

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Here is my 9 year old son Caspian Coberly playing the Star Spangled Banner to open the Seattle Storm Game on July 7th. I couldn't be more proud