Sunday, February 28, 2010

First paintings of 2010

Emily Gray Scarf
Oil on canvas 16in X 20in

Oil on canvas 16in X 20in

Oil on canvas 9in X 12in

Bob Red Jacket
Oil on canvas 16in X 20in

French Sunflowers
Oil on canvas 11in X 14in

Night Pansies
Oil on canvas 12in X 12in

Red Rose
Oil on canvas 9in X 12in


David Westerfield said...

Great work Aaron. I hope you don't wait so long to post again.

Peter Hon said...

Hi Aaron,

I love your paintings. Impressionistic, but with a bit of that Sargent/Rembrandt feel.

I'm usually at the Saturday sessions. I'm kind of hard to miss since I'm always there with the Tablet PC.

Unknown said...

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