Friday, June 22, 2007

Fountainhead Gallery Presents Aaron Coberly

Paintings 2007

Artist reception

Saturday July 7th

6pm to 8pm


Alan Rushing said...

How did it go??

Ben Mauro said...

great aaron. congrats on the show.

Alan Rushing said...

Any New Work?

Unknown said...

Thanks Ben. How is school?
Hey Alan the show went well. What do you mean new work I just posted 29 new paintings last month. If you click on one of the paintnigs on my page it will take you to my Picassa gallery. Also of course there is allways new work but I dont get around to shootong them till I get a pile going. How is everything in Baltimore?

Alan Rushing said...

Lol, I've been through all of those a few times. They're great, I was just curious what you'd been up to lately. ;) Baltimore's good, just gearing up for my last semester, not sure where I'll end up next. I'm leaning towards coming back to seattle but I may do grad school. It's always great to see your work. I'm glad the show went well, she's lucky to have you.
It was great to see the pics of you guys in Europe.
Take care-A

Enzie Shahmiri said...

This painting is beautiful! Although your work is very different from my style and color preferences, I just love how you handle the muted colors.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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